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EasyFleet is a an essential monitoring and tracking system for individuals, families or businesses. The EasyFleet solution offers you proactive alerts in the event of battery or tracking-unit tamper or border approach. EasyFleet also comes standard with Stolen Vehicle Support services as well early warning alerts in the event of unauthorized vehicle movements. Your EasyFleet subscription offers international recovery.

EasyFleet uses the very latest GPS and GSM/GPRS location technology, to ensure that your vehicle is always visible and always operational. Unlike many other vehicle tracking systems, EasyFleet continually monitors that your unit is fully functional, removing the inconvenience of having to perform self tests yourself.

Product Plans

It is an application software for Android tablets and smartphones, which is excellent for private use and commercial users with smaller fleets.  (5 and below)

*No Monthly Fee

This is standalone PC control center: Monitor small fleets on a PC with the help of our server. (Recommended for 10 to 30 Vehicles)

*Monthly Fee Applied

This is a multi-client server software, Perfect for large fleets with custom access rights for multiple clients. (Recommended for Fleet users 30 and Above)

Why is EasyFleet Simpler?

    • EasyFleet is a simple to use, cost effective vehicle tracking solution which is easy to fit and scalable to any size of organization.


    • It is easy to install to any car, truck or other vehicle and can be fully hidden from view. Just insert the SIM card and connect EasyFleet to vehicle power and you are ready to track your vehicle and turn the needed automatic reporting on. EasyFleet communicates its location to your control center or mobile device via GPRS. or SMS


    • This Solution can position vehicles using both GPRS & GSM (SMS) communication. It is an online and offline based operating system, with redundancies servers around the world to insure minimum system breakdowns.


    • This product has no monthly or annual fees, the user pays only the normal operator fees of the voice/SMS/data usage. Detect idling engines, speeding, hard breaking and other inefficient driving habits and profile drivers with complete vehicle use statistics.


    • EasyFleet basic client is provided with a secured username and password for simple accessing though our user friendly website.


    • User sets allowed zones for your vehicles get instant notifications if your vehicles start or complete trips and connect EasyFleet to external inputs to detect ignition, fuel theft and more!


    • EasyFleet users can enjoy accessing and viewing their Fleet from anywhere in the world where there is internet accesses, through laptop, desktop, palm tops or even standard mobile phones.


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