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ECTS – Electronic Cargo Tracking System

Easy Track Solutions’ smart GPS electronic tracking lock is an approved product by Tanzania Bureau Standards (TBS)  and is used by the Tanzania Revenue Authority  (TRA) Customs and excise department for the security and monitoring of transit goods. The lock is used to seal goods in transit in Tanzania, which are under the customs authority.

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This secures the cargo preventing the dumping of goods. Previous importers would declare goods as transit and dump in Tanzania avoiding to pay import duties and taxes. Easy Track Solutions are market leaders in the cargo tracking and monitoring security service.

  • Smart power management helps extend the tracking duration, and when containers are stationary. ET10D saves power by entering sleep mode and can be reused without frequent charging.
  • ET10D can be easily charged and installed on the door of the container.
  • Send lock status alert; when a door is opened or the container lock is tempered/ breeched, ET10D sends immediate alerts to the control centre, the administrator can take immediate action to prevent possible theft.
  • Can be opened using RFID readers or remotely via secured password commands.

Furthermore, the robust design fits all kinds of containers. ET10D serves as the ideal security and container tracker seal solution to monitor all valuable assets during the whole transportation process. This solution can be supplied with a 24/7 control room service where the container are tagged untagged, charged monitored with our tracking officers. We understand every organization have their way of working and operating therefore we provide flexible and tailor made solutions for each and every client.

ECTS is designed to enhance customs and trade processes by utilizing technology to track and monitor cargo movements in real-time. Here are some potential benefits of implementing ECTS in Tanzania:


  • Enhanced Revenue Collection: ECTS can help prevent underreporting and smuggling, leading to more accurate customs valuation and improved revenue collection for the government.
  • Reduced Customs Fraud: Real-time tracking and monitoring of cargo can help detect and prevent customs fraud, such as misdeclaration of goods or false documentation.
  • Improved Trade Facilitation: ECTS can streamline customs clearance processes, reducing the time and administrative burden on traders and logistics companies. This can lead to faster movement of goods across borders and improved trade facilitation.
  • Enhanced Security: ECTS can enhance security by providing authorities with real-time information about cargo movements. This can help prevent theft, diversion, and unauthorized tampering of goods.
  • Efficient Risk Management: By analyzing data from the ECTS, customs and law enforcement agencies can identify high-risk shipments for targeted inspection, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The use of technology and automated data collection can enhance transparency in cargo tracking, reducing opportunities for corruption and improving accountability in the customs process.
  • Improved Compliance: Traders are more likely to comply with customs regulations when they know that their cargo is being tracked. ECTS encourages adherence to trade and customs rules.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The data collected by the ECTS can be analyzed to gain insights into trade patterns, logistics efficiency, and other relevant factors, enabling informed policy and decision-making.
  • Reduced Trade Costs: Faster clearance times and reduced delays at borders can lead to lower trade costs for businesses, contributing to overall economic growth.
  • Integration with Regional and International Systems: ECTS can be integrated with regional and international customs and trade systems, facilitating cross-border trade and cooperation.
  • Promotion of Investment: A well-implemented ECTS can signal to international traders and investors that the country is committed to efficient and transparent trade practices, potentially attracting more foreign direct investment.
24/7 Customer support

We have a 24/7-dedicated customer support team. The customer support team includes sales, operation and control room tracking officers. Incase a client has difficulties tracking their vehicles or no access to Internet they can simply give us a call and we shall provide them with service at any time of the day.

It is important to have a well reputable service provider on your side in order to have a smooth operation and peace of mind.

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