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Real-Time Remote Vehicle/Fleet Control and Monitoring Solution

Our vehicle tracking solution is suitable for both private and business purpose. We have the basic tracking package and advance-tracking package. Business owners who manage fleets and individuals with private vehicles in Tanzania are increasingly adopting GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions.

This solution enables a client to remotely control their vehicle/ fleet in real time monitoring. Our Fleet Management system allows you to track your fleet over the Internet using any modern gadget.

  • Real-time tracking with access to web portal and mobile application available on Apple and play store. Click here to download for IOS and Android
  • Receive scheduled reports:-  daily movement reports, and maintenance reports via email
  • Create alerts such as overspeeding, geo-fence diversion, harsh driving behavior, ignition on/off, excess idling

Remote control of vehicle Switch off.



Empower clients to efficiently and cost-effectively oversee their fleets remotely through real-time monitoring. Our Fleet Management system allows you to track your vehicle/ fleet over the Internet using any modern device. You can monitor and receive alerts via email, SMS, and our customized Mobile Application.

Utilizing our system for effective vehicle tracking offers several benefits, including:

  • Reduced fuel costs and fewer accidents through optimized routes and monitoring of driving behavior, including alerts for speeding and harsh braking.
  • Enhanced vehicle security through Geo-fencing features and alerts for diversions.
  • Nearly ten percent reduction in insurance expenses.
  • Timely alerts for scheduled repairs and maintenance.
  • Scheduled detailed reports of fleet activity.
  • Control Fuel consumption through distance-covered reports.
  • Reduce risk of vehicle theft

Online GPS monitoring, facilitated by the Easy Track system, presents the ultimate solution to boost fleet efficiency and productivity. Neglecting online GPS tracking for companies possessing mobile assets often leads to challenges like inefficient vehicle use, fuel theft, and improper execution of office tasks.

  • Supply Chain Cargo Monitoring & Management
  • Fleet management
  • Private personal vehicle tracking
  • Insurance company providers
  • Transport and logistics industry
  • Mining industry
  • Government vehicle tracking fleet management
  • Medical and hospital
  • Education sector for installing school buses

The application of GPS tracking systems enables companies to meet compliance requirements such as:

  • Healthy and safety
  • Road regulatory authority
  • Insurance policy terms and conditions
  • Credit approvals

We are approved service providers for various credit loan finance institutes in Tanzania. Implementing our solution has enabled clients to acquire bank loans without the hassle of providing security and mortgage properties against the asset financed.

24/7 Customer support

We have a 24/7-dedicated customer support team. The customer support team includes sales, operation and control room tracking officers. Incase a client has difficulties tracking their vehicles or no access to Internet they can simply give us a call and we shall provide them with service at any time of the day.

It is important to have a well reputable service provider on your side in order to have a smooth operation and peace of mind.

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