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This is a durable robust portable GPS magnet attachable tracker with a long time lithium battery. This solution is offered with a web application and mobile app to track and receive notifications of the device location. ET500 stand-alone portable tracker records and transmits every location/event and sends alerts of undesignated stops or trailer access by a driver or unauthorized persons. It is attached to a MA (Mobile Asset) and this device will allow you to track it and provide you with the necessary information.

Powered by rechargeable lithium batteries capable of lasting up to 3 years, it can be programmed to communicate each hour of the day and will send notifications in the case of event triggered alerts.

This device is approved by various lenders of heavy machinery in Tanzania. It is used for tracking equipment financed by credit institutes such as banks. We are approved service providers for Stanbic Bank, Exim Bank, and NCBA in Tanzania.

ET1000 Light Sensor

 The ET1000 Light sensor is designed for the purpose and Location of providing Real Time Control of your Cargo’s Status. Light Sensors System is available in three different models to perfectly meet different usage requirements:

  • Dry cargo container
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Hybrid for Satellite connectivity

The ET1000 Light sensor are easy to install on container’s door hinge with cellular engine (3G) and GPS/GLONASS monitor the container’s location and any deviation from route.

  • Accelerometer, temperature and and safety of cargo.
  • Door opening / Closing alerts
  • Provides both real time alerts and cargo’s loss or theft.
  • Light detectors ensure both quality after the fact reports in any event of
  • Secure web and mobile application.
  • Continuous monitoring for up to 120 days.
  • Low cost
  • The ability to detect time and location of breaches may assist in acquiring insurance reimbursements
  • Save costs involved in container subrogation attempts.
  • Security over goods while in transit
  • Receive real time alerts on door open and close status
  • Save on hefty Goods in transit insurance premiums.
24/7 Customer support

We have a 24/7-dedicated customer support team. The customer support team includes sales, operation and control room tracking officers. Incase a client has difficulties tracking their vehicles or no access to Internet they can simply give us a call and we shall provide them with service at any time of the day.

It is important to have a well reputable service provider on your side in order to have a smooth operation and peace of mind.

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