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We are actively expanding our key competencies, focusing on the expectations of our clients in the various vertical industries in which they work and compete.

Our experience is continually growing, which constantly reinforces the qualifications that our expert staff hold in specific technical and business domains

Fleet Management

This solution records and transmits every location / event and sends alerts of un-designated stops or trailer access by a driver or unauthorized persons. It is attached to a MA (Mobile Asset) and this device will allow you to track it and provide you with necessary information.

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EasyFleet is a an essential monitoring and tracking system for individuals, families or businesses. The EasyFleet solution offers you proactive alerts in the event of battery or tracking-unit tamper or border approach. EasyFleet also comes standard with Stolen Vehicle Support services as well early warning alerts in the event of unauthorized vehicle movements. Your EasyFleet subscription offers international recovery.

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Many companies are choosing to invest in tracking solutions, saving their businesses considerable cost, and above all taking control of valuable assets. By knowing the precise location and speed of drivers and their individual driving behaviors you will be able to make substantial savings on fuel, servicing costs and overtime, as well as cutting out unnecessary and sometimes unauthorized journeys.

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Fuel (Gas) pricing growing and growing and reaching record levels, Yours vehicle fleet (special trucks) require more and more money on fuel costs. Your earnings are slow, but steadily declining. You do not have the opportunity to influence the growth of fuel prices, but to reduce the cost of fuel consumption is in your best option. This decision is quite simple: full control over the use of your fuel and lower transaction costs than the rational use of fuels.

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Easy Cargo Track is an innovative mechanical, battery-powered sealed tracker that is embedded with RFID, GPS, and GPRS for remote container tracking, all in one unit. It is a new security solution consisting of a heavy-duty metal container lock device embedded with a GPS Vehicle Tracker and tampering cable sensor.

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Cargo Monitoring

We provide a variety tailored tender approved solutions, One of our ongoing projects include electronic Cargo tracking systems (ECTS) for Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

Digital Security

We have a team dedicated to Network Configuration Management (NCM) and provide a myriad of intelligent services such as surveillance and biometric security.


Sectors We Serve


We provide a variety of tailored tender approved of our ongoing projects includes Electronic Tracking Cargo Systems (ECTS) for Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).


Our new-generation Telecom business support systems enables smooth operation of Telecom industry.Our most popular solution is Tariff Billing Verification Sytems (TBVS) with a majority of Clientele from the ISP Industry.


We provide a dynamic array of integrated financial tools, products and services.These include risk reducing solutions with insurance firms, Banks, Auditing firms, and Financial institutions.


we specialize in providing true ‘End to End’ solutions. we utilize our company’s assets and our non-assets partnership to provide a truly seamless and flexible logistics solutions.
We simplify and aim to give our best.


technology has greatly enhanced the quality and management of health care globally.we seized the opportunity and boast the selection of sophisticated hotel management system (HMS).

Oil & Gas

our aim to save clients money while still providing reliable and effective solutions.we meet start-up schedules an initial product requirements that assist in risk management.
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