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Our video telematics solutions include real-time GPS tracking with live monitoring and streaming via a dash cam. The HD dashcam video footage is displayed alongside driving data from the GPS tracker

  • This gives you deeper insight into critical events on the road.
  • uses Artificial intel­li­gence (AI) to identify certain risky driving habits.
  • Automatic event uploads incase of lane departure, harsh braking, accident collision alert.
  • The camera facing inside the cabin notifies users in case of  any AI events such as mobile phone use,  smoking, driver fatigue yawning
  • User can also retrieve information for a specific duration this uploaded automat­ically from the device and displayed on-demand.
  • Allows you to access live monitoring in area of internet coverage
  • The CAM 50 constantly records when in motion. Events are retrieved from the camera and displayed in the online platform.
  • On demand request for video from the camera from a previous trip by using the history tracking option to select a specific time and position.
  • The driver is notified with audio and visual alerts in real time when the CAM 50 detects risky driving behavior.
  • Records video event such as Harsh driving events (e.g. braking), AI events (e.g. mobile phone usage) and alert button events are uploaded automatically to the online platform.
  • Instantly view live video from any of the road and driver-facing cameras in your fleet.

At Easy Track Solutions we cater to all sizes and types of clients and industries. Our solutions not only provide peace of mind but also help clients to reduce costs through route planning, reduced insurance premiums, fewer follow-up calls, improved driving behavior, and controlled fuel consumption.



  • Protect your fleet against fraudulent claims and avoid over-paying on 50/50 insurance claims.
  • Proactive risk detection and in-cab driver alerts help to prevent accidents and lower claim rate.


  • Real-time alerts of unsafe driving empower drivers to take action before an incident occurs.
  • Greater levels of insight help to more efficiently resolve disputes with customers and the public.
  • Combining video events and driving data supports more effective driver coaching.


  • Video footage is displayed alongside driving data for a complete picture of your fleet on the road.
  • With instant access to live streaming video you can take action immediately.
  • Timely video evidence helps you comply with First Notification of Loss (FNOL).


  • Video helps you find the truth faster, confirming the validity and accuracy of claims with instant evidence.
  • As driving behaviour improves, vehicle damage, incidents and downtime can be more effectively reduced.
  • You access everything from one platform with telematics and camera support handled by one team.
24/7 Customer support

We have a 24/7-dedicated customer support team. The customer support team includes sales, operation and control room tracking officers. Incase a client has difficulties tracking their vehicles or no access to Internet they can simply give us a call and we shall provide them with service at any time of the day.

It is important to have a well reputable service provider on your side in order to have a smooth operation and peace of mind.

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