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GPS fuel monitoring trackers increase the data that is given, allowing the fleet manager to see information about fuel levels and consumption via our online platform and receive alerts in case of any theft or fillings.

This is an added solution, which can be included in both of our basic and advance fleet management solutions.

The Fuel Level Sensor detects fuel level by measuring the variation as it changes. It is ideally suited for fuel-theft detection, and fleet management applications.

Our advanced software is able to monitor and send alerts on fuel tank levels by calculating approximate fuel usage and rapid fuel level drops indicating fuel theft.

Online GPS monitoring, facilitated by the Easy Track system, presents the ultimate solution to boost fleet efficiency and productivity. Neglecting online GPS tracking for companies possessing mobile assets often leads to challenges like inefficient vehicle use, fuel theft, and improper execution of office tasks.

  • Real time information on how much fuel is available in the vehicles tank
  • Receive instant theft alerts
  • Receive refill alerts confirming actual fuel ordered has been filled in the tank
  • Set scheduled daily, weekly and monthly report summary on all vehicles installed.
  • Save on fuel cost
  • Have more visibility and efficiency in your business
  • Eliminate fuel theft
  • Data and reports can be used as evidence and proof of theft when dealing with legal actions.
  • Supply Chain Cargo Monitoring & Management
  • Fleet and fuel monitoring management
  • Private personal vehicle driver fuel consumption monitoring
  • Transport and logistics industry
  • Mining industry
  • Government vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring

Stand-alone generators at the premises.

24/7 Customer support

We have a 24/7-dedicated customer support team. The customer support team includes sales, operation and control room tracking officers. Incase a client has difficulties tracking their vehicles or no access to Internet they can simply give us a call and we shall provide them with service at any time of the day.

It is important to have a well reputable service provider on your side in order to have a smooth operation and peace of mind.

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