Managing Your Fleet’s Registration, Insurance and Inspections

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Managing Your Fleet’s Registration, Insurance and Inspections

It’s a pain to keep up with the expiration and renewal dates of every vehicle’s registration whether you manage a large or small fleet. If you miss something it can be costly and cut into your profits before you even realize

Keeping track of vehicle registration

Every state requires vehicle registration of some kind, and most are renewed annually. When managed responsibly, the process can be relatively painless. When you fall behind, however, the fees and headaches can quickly pile up.

Avoiding vehicle insurance penalties

Just like registration, you must have insurance on each vehicle in your fleet. This can also be difficult to manage across all fleet vehicles as it needs to be renewed either monthly, semi-annually or annually.

Vehicle insurance fines and penalties can be staggering. Driving a vehicle without insurance can result in fines up to $1,000.

Managing your vehicle inspections

For your and others’ protection, vehicle safety inspection is required by every state. Like vehicle registration, inspections (DOT, etc.) are normally done semi-annually or annually for all commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating over 10,000 pounds. Daily vehicle inspections or DVIRs, as the name implies, must be completed daily. It is vital to keep commercial drivers accountable for completing DVIRs and to keep track of inspection dates to avoid penalties.


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