Cargo tracking locks (ET10D)

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Cargo tracking locks (ET10D)

ET10D Electronic container seal (Cargo Tracking Lock)

This is a smart Cargo tracking (GPS electronic tracking lock) used in securing containers and high-value cargo. Easy Tracks smart GPS electronic tracking lock is an approved product by TBS and is used by the TRA Customs and Excise Department for the security and monitoring of transit goods. The lock is used to seal goods in transit in Tanzania, which are under the customs authority. This secures the cargo preventing the dumping of goods. Previous importers would declare goods as transit and dump in Tanzania avoiding paying import duties and taxes. Easy Track Solutions are market leader in cargo tracking and monitoring security services.

Cargo tracking

ET10 is the perfect lock for shipping containers and trucks. It’s a strong, durable and bolt cutter-proof alarm, as well as easy to fit which protects your container’s goods from all kinds of attacks from potential thieves. Highly visible in its IP67 waterproof, any color and string cable length is customizable. It is rechargeable and with 13000mAh battery standby.


  • Smart power management helps extend the tracking duration, and when containers are stationary. ET10D saves power by entering sleep mode and can be reused without frequent charging.
  • ET10D can be easily charged and installed on the door of the container.
  • Send lock status alert; when a door is opened or the container lock is tempered/breached, ET10D sends immediate alerts to the control center, so the administrator can take immediate action to prevent possible theft.
  • Can be opened using RFID readers or remotely via secured password commands.


Cargo tracking (GPS electronic tracking lock) is the proven technology solution to prevent theft when transporting your cargo. You can use the Cargo tracking lock in various sectors/industry includes:

  • Supply Chain Cargo Monitoring & Management
  • Insurance cover premium reduction for Goods in transit
  • Transport and logistics industry
  • Mining industry


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