E-Cargo Tracking System Starts in Tanzania

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E-Cargo Tracking System Starts in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam – The much awaited Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) that is aimed at ensuring and monitoring the movements and safety of cargo started operations on July 1 this year after a three months trial.


Cargo Tracking


Speaking exclusively to East African Business Week in Dar es Salaam last week the Acting Director-Taxpayers Service Mr. Allan Kiula said that Electronic Cargo Tracking System , a system which is being overseen by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has been on trial in order to prove its capability and safety of consignments in Tanzania.

He said the Electronic Cargo Tracking System was introduced after many complaints about the delays and check-points experiences being undergone by traders in delaying their transit consignments in the country.

“We have had specific time of traders carrying these consignments to reach these check points, failing which a fine was imposed on such traders considering also that there were delays in documents clearance in these checkpoints which were delaying both the traders time and affecting their businesses,” Mr. Kiula said.

He said with the effective and smooth operation of ECTS from July 1 this year, will mean that consignments will be delivered on time while the security of such consignments will also be improved.

Mr. Kiula noted however when asked about the high taxes some industries in Tanzania are complaining off as one of the reasons making Tanzania unfriendly to business in the region, said claims were due to a wrong perception being planted in the minds of some business men and investors which needs to be reversed.

He said the government of Tanzania was trying the best to make sure that it creates an environment that will be conducive to business people especially investors coming in to invest in the country by making reduction of VAT from the previous 20% to the current 18% which is what other EA member states charge with an exception of Kenya which has a 16% VAT

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