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Over 2,800 Buses Fitted With Car Tracking System – Tanzania

A total of 2,840 up country buses have been fitted with electronic car tracking system in an initiative expected to reduce operational costs and road accidents.

Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) Director General, Gilliard Ngewe said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that by installing car tracking system (VTS) police and owners will be able to locate the location of the vehicle and its speed across the country.

“The survey conducted by Sumatra shows that 76.4 per cent of road accidents were caused by human errors committed by drivers on one hand and pedestrians on the other hand,” he said.  Car (Vehicle) tracking systems are hardware and software bundles that track vehicles, record the driving habits of employees, issues status reports and alerts when incidents or other events occur.

Car Tracking

According to Project Manager, Mr Godfrey Nsato, the system (VTS) had several benefits to the car owners and drivers including cutting down fuel consumption by 30 per cent, apart from helping in curbing road accidents.

He said also that the system will provide alerts on violation of various road laws imposed include geo force violation, off route/ wrong route as well as harsh turning and harsh breaking. Mr Nsato added that, it will be able to identify the driver and as well as in reporting accidents.

He further said the need of the system was due to the legal requirement like traffic acts, Sumatra regulations, increase in accidents and increase in breach of the rules and regulations for example over speed.

The Minister of Work, Transport and Communication, Dr Isack Kamwele said during the official launch of VTS system that all stakeholders in the country work together in reducing road accidents.

He ordered all buses owners to be honest and use the VTS system and Sumatra to take stern measure for those who misuse the VTS system in accordance with the law.

All drivers should install VTS first, before they have a road licence. Mr Kamwele recommended also that the government vehicle and other min buses should be installed with track system because the government works hard to make sure the road accidents are reduced.

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